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Hot & Ready To Served


Soup of the day £8.95

Bruschetta al pomodoro toasted ciabatta bread topped with tomato, drizzled red onion, basil and garlic £8.50

Gamberoni king prawns cooked with chilli, garlic, parsley and white wine sauce £10.95

Calamari fritti deep fried calamari in batter £9.50

Funghi all’aglio mushroom fried in garlic butter and white wine sauce £8.50

Prawn cocktail Prawn on a bed of leaves, topped with Marie Rose sauce £8.95

Antipasto Italiano Selection of Italian cured meat, served with grissini stick £10.95

Insalata Caprese Mozzarella ball with tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar glaze and pesto dressing £8.95

Meatballs Classic Italian meatballs in a rich Napoli tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & toasted Italian bread £8.95

Brie & Palma Ham Coated deep fried brie served with a crispy Palma ham and cranberry sauce £9.95

White Bait Deep fried white bait served with tartar sauce £8.95




Marinated mixed olives £7.50

Italian bread in balsamic vinegar and olive oil £6.50


Pasta dishes

Spaghetti Bolognese Spaghetti with classic homemade Bolognese sauce £14.95
Penne Arrabiata penne in a spicy roman sauce of red chilli, red onions, olives and fresh basil £14.95
Spaghetti carbonara spaghetti and lightly fried pancetta in cream, egg yolk and parmesan £16.95
Penne con polpette penne and succulent meatballs covered in a rich tomato sauce £16.95
Linguine allo Scoglio linguine with mixed seafood, garlic, parsley and white wine £17.95
Homemade lasagne layers of pasta and tomato sauce with minced meat £15.95
Melanzane parmigiana aubergine oven baked with napoli sauce and mozzarella cheese £15.95
Penne Al Salmone smoked salmon, baby prawns, garlic and dill in a pink tomato sauce £16.95
Penne Alla Normanna garlic, onions, olives and chilli with Napoli sauce £16.95

Risotto dishes

Risotto pollo e funghi arborio rice with mushrooms and chicken cooked in white wine and cream sauce £16.95
Risotto gamberoni arborio rice with prawns and peas cooked in a creamy tomato sauce £17.95
Risotto Alla Romana arborio rice with bacon, chicken, peas in a creamy tomato sauce £16.95

Pollo dishes

(served with mixed vegetables or fries)

Pollo alla crema panfried chicken breast with onions, mushroom and cream sauce £17.95
Pollo cacciatore chicken breast braised with tomato, garlic, olives, capers and peppers £17.95
Pollo Colosseo smoked bacon, garlic, white wine and cream £17.95
Pollo Vulcano roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions, chilli and Napoli sauce £17.95
Chicken Strogonoff diced chicken with mushrooms, brandy, cream and french mustard served with rice £17.95


Sirloin (10.oz) charcoal grilled, served with a salad garnish, whole mushroom roasted tomato and fries £22.95
Beef Strogono fillet steak strips cooked with mushrooms, brandy, cream and french mustard served with rice £19.95

Additional sauces: £3.50

Peppercorn sauce, Whole peppercorn, French mustard, brandy and cream
Pizzaiolo sauce Napoli sauce with capers, olives and peppers
Diane sauce toasted mushrooms with mustard and a dash of brandy in cream sauce
Gorgonzola sauce blue cheese, brandy and cream


(served with mixed vegetables or fries)

Two fillets of sea bass oven-baked in white wine and butter lemon sauce £23.95
Filletto di salmone oven-baked salmon with asparagus, dill and white wine sauce £20.95
Swordfish pan-fried with cherry tomatoes, garlic, spring onion with a white wine sauce £20.95




served in ciabatta bread with French fries and a salad garnish

Chicken mushroom sandwich £14.95
Mediterranean vegetables sandwich with mozzerella cheese £13.95
Fillet steak strips with caramelized onions and rocket £15.95
Meatball sandwich traditional meatballs topped with mozzerella cheese and napoli sauce £14.95



served with French fries and a salad garnish


La vague club burger with beef, bacon, garlic mayo, slice of cheese, rocket salad and fresh tomatoes £17.95

Chicken burger charcoal grilled chicken breast, seasonal green leaves, smoked bacon and Cajun sauce £16.95



All 12” stone baked, extra toppings available on request


Margherita mozzarella and tomato (v) £11.95
Giardiniera Mushroom, cherry tomato, onions, peppers, olives, mozzarella and tomato (v) £14.25
Diavola (Hot) Spicy salami, chilli, red onions, Jalapeño pepper, mozzarella and tomato £15.95
La Vague mixed seafood, mozzarella and tomato £16.95
Prosciutto e funghi Itallian ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and tomato £14.95
San Daniele parma ham, rocket, olive oil, shaved parmesan, mozzarella and tomato £14.95
Tutta Carne Salami Milano, prosciutto, chicken, mozzarella and tomato £15.95
Calzone Mushroom, Spinach, red onion, ham, mozzarella and Bolognese sauce £16.95
Quattro Stagioni tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichokes, mushrooms, olives and ham £17.95
Tonno e cipolla tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, tuna, red onions and olives £15.95
Quattro Formaggi tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, gorgonzolla cheese, parmasan cheese and pecorino cheese £15.95


Chicken Caesar Salad tender pieces of chicken on a bed of crunchy salad, croutons, anchovies and parmesan £15.95
Insalata Italiana mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives, shaved parmesan, red onions and house dressing £10.95
Nicoise Salad green beans, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, tunawith french dressing £14.95


Garlic Breads
all 12” stone baked


Plain Garlic bread £8.95

Cheese Garlic Bread £9.95

Cheese & tomato Garlic bread £9.95

Cheese, tomato & pesto Garlic bread £9.95



Mediterranean vegetables served with house dressing £7.50
French fries £4.25


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Sweet Desserts
Hot Drinks

treat yourself

Desserts & Hot Drinks

Tiramisù £7.95

Gelato choose 3 scoops from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry £6.95

Lemon tart served with a scoop of vanilla gelato £8.25

Brownie served with a scoop of vanilla gelato and fresh strawberries £7.95

Americano £2.90

Espresso £2.40

Cappuccino £3.25

Cafe latte £3.25

Mocha £3.50

Hot chocolate £3.10

Full Monty Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows £3.95

Pot of tea £2.60

Herbal tea £2.60


Lemon and ginger

Yunnan green

Earl grey

Super berry


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Hartly Breakfast

Hot & Ready To Served


Full English

2 bacon, 2 sausages, hash brown, baked beans, tomatoes,mushrooms, fried, poached or scrambled egg and toast £11.95


Meat free (v)

mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, 2 fried, poached or scrambled eggs,2 hash browns and toast £12.95


La Vague Special

2 slices of toasted ciabatta topped with avocado, spinache, smoked

slamon and 2 poached eggs £12.95


– Make your own (Your choice of any 2 toppings) £8.95

Cheese (mozzarella)






Eggs Benedict £11.95

Two halves of English muffin, toasted and topped with 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and your choice of:Smoked salmonHamBaconSpinach

Homemade pancakes

French strawberries and honey orFrench raspberries and chocolate sauce £8.95


Soft Drinks
J20 orange and passionfruit (275ml) £3.25

Coke, diet coke, coke zero or lemonade £3.25

Apple or orange juice £2.50

Rocchetta Italian still or sparkling water (500ml) £2.95

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Hot & Ready To Served

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